Apple turns over inventory every 5 days – Report

Mon, Jun 4, 2012


Given Tim Cook’s penchant as an efficient operations wizard, the following piece of information is as unsurprising as it is impressive. According to a recent research report from Gartner, Apple has been ranked #1 when it comes to supply chain management. Specifically, Apple, which all told sells hundreds of millions pieces of hardware annually turns over its inventory every 5 days. Talk about not keeping things on the shelf!

BusinessInsider reports:

The only company on Gartner’s list of 25 companies that turns over its product faster is McDonald’s, which is not exactly in the electronics business. Dell and Samsung rank two and three in Apple’s category, turning over their inventory roughly once every 10 and 21 days respectively.

Indeed, one of the first things Tim Cook did when he came to Apple was completely restructure its supply chaim management scheme to avoid excessive inventory at all costs.


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