In-depth look at how Apple may revamp the Maps app

Fri, Jun 8, 2012


Solid breakdown over at Network World looking back over many of Apple’s mapping acquisitions and job postings over the past 3 years. In short, if Apple introduces its own Maps app next week at WWDC, expect it to be a very big deal.

Imagine an interface, for example, whereby a user could explore a virtual 3D globe and ascertain information about any location in the world. Zoom in on Italy and be presented with news stories from around the country. Zoom in even further on Rome, for example, and be presented with weather for the week, local sports scores, crime statistics, the cost of flights to Rome from your current location (similar to Kayak Explore), demographic info Рa virtual almanac at your fingertips.And in conjunction with the aforementioned acquisitions, the WSJ notes that Apple has been vigorously working on features in an attempt outmaneuver Google Maps.

And when you factor in 3D mapping functionality thanks to Apple’s acquisition of C3 Technologies, things really get interesting.

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