Apple to unveil revamped MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup at WWDC 2012 – Report

Sun, Jun 10, 2012

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In addition to Apple taking the wraps off of iOS 6 next in just a few hours, word recently emerged that we may see an entirely new MacBook lineup next week as well.

Citing analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI, who has a pretty solid track record with respect to Apple’s supply chain, Apple Insider reports that Apple may introduce a completely revamped MacBook lineup on Monday.

As part of the revamp, Kuo said that Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook will not have an optical disc drive and will start at a retail price of $1,199. What’s more, it will be slimmer and lighter and will feature a tapered edge design as well, not to mention longer battery life as well.

Apple is expected to unveil its new 15-inch MacBook, priced at $1,799 with a hard-disk drive, next week, and the device will go on sale soon after. Kuo said he doesn’t expect the new 13-inch $1,199 MacBook to be available until August, as the smaller MacBook has “limited space for thermal dissipation,” and will also use a “lower-yield” Retina display than the 15-inch model.

Kuo also predicted on Friday that Apple could discontinue the MacBook Pro lineup entirely if the new MacBook series proves popular enough. He sees the Pro being gradually phased out, but remaining on shelves until 2013.

As for the MacBook Pro line, Kuo anticipates both 13 and 15-inch models of the notebook will also receive upgrades and may go on sale sometime this month. And if you need an optical disc drive, don’t worry, the Pros, according to Kuo, will still sport them.

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