The Verge reviews the Nexus 7

Fri, Jun 29, 2012


So Google earlier this week announced the Google Nexus 7, a homegrown Android tablet developed in conjunction with Asus. Priced at only $199 the Nexus 7 is a surefire Kindle Fire competitor and may even attract some folks who are hesitant about laying down extra cash for the iPad.

So how does the Nexus 7 measure up? Well, based on early reports, it seems to be a legit contendor.

Joshua Topolsky writes for The Verge:

Google’s Nexus 7 isn’t just an excellent tablet for $200. It’s an excellent tablet, period. In fact, it’s the first Android tablet that I can confidently recommend to buyers — and not just because it’s got a low price tag (though that certainly helps). It’s a well-designed, powerful, and useful product, with lots of bells and whistles that makes it feel like a device that should be more expensive than it is.



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