Android Fragmentation Visualized

Fri, Jul 6, 2012


You may have already seen this, but this chart from OpenSignalMaps is worth revisiting, especially now that Google, arguably for the first time, seems to be taking the issue of fragmentation seriously.

BGR described the chart below two months ago:

Using data from 681,900 devices that downloaded the firm’s software over the past six months, OpenSignalMaps found there to be 3,997 distinct Android devices running its app, though the figure counts each custom ROM found to be running on various smartphones as a separate device.

The developer found a staggering array of Android version and display resolution combinations…

3,997+ devices certainly seems daunting, but it’s also worth taking a look at the chart when you break it up by handset vendor.

Not surprisingly, Samsung is ahead of the pack followed by HTC and to a lesser extent Motorola.

via BGR


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