Apple working on smaller iPad that will cost “significantly less” than $499 – NYT

Mon, Jul 16, 2012

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Adding to a chorus of reports pointing to Apple releasing an iPad with a smaller form factor, the New York Times this weekend, citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans, reported that a 7.85-inch iPad is in the works.

What’s more, and perhaps not terribly surprising, the Times makes a point of noting that this new miniaturized iPad will retail for “significantly less” than the base model $499 iPad.

Appleā€™s plan for a tablet with a smaller screen is part of a textbook business strategy: to lure customers who want different sizes of tablets into the iPad product family, say analysts and technology industry executives.

The strategy would most likely include devices with different prices and functions tailored to various uses, they say. The idea is to help Apple solidify its dominance in the tablet market even as the richest companies in the tech business are trying to figure out how to outflank Apple.

Some previous reports have suggested that an iPad Mini, assuming that’s the name Apple goes with, could retail from anywhere between $199 and $249.

Since Apple appears to be going after the lower end of the market and targeting devices like the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 from Google/Asus, it stands to reason that Apple would price its iPad Mini quite aggressively to prevent competitors from gaining further traction in the marketplace.

Lastly, other reports have noted that Apple will release the rumored iPad Mini sometime this Fall, before the busy holiday shopping season of course.



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