Amazon preparing to release upwards of 5 or 6 new tablet devices – Report

Mon, Jul 23, 2012

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With the demand for tablets growing, Amazon is looking to beef up their own offerings in the coming months. A recent report from Reuters claims that the nation’s largest online retailer has plans to expand its tablet lineup beyond the Kindle Fire to include up to 6 separate tablet SKUs.

Naturally, the tablets will come in varying sizes, though interestingly enough, one will be a 10-inch model presumably positioned to compete with Apple’s iPad.

Amazon is making its own tablets to help the company sell more digital goods, such as MP3s, movies, TV shows, apps and games. Physical versions of these products, such as CDs and DVDs, were a big business for Amazon, but they are now in decline.

Having its own devices sitting atop a software platform that offers digital content to more than 100 million, credit-card-wielding customers already programmed to buy, could help Amazon become a major mobile platform player, challenging Apple, Google, Microsoft Corp and Facebook.

Since launching the Kindle Fire this past September, Amazon has seen some solid success – sales wise – with the device. Word on the street, though, is that Amazon actually loses money with each device sold but ultimately recoups its investment via content sales and Amazon Prime subscriptions. Either way, the bottom line must be looking good for Amazon if they’re willing to go all in and expand its tablet lineup.

via Reuters



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