Apple hires former AMD chip architect John Bruno

Mon, Jul 23, 2012


It’s sometimes possible to gauge the direction Apple is headed in by taking a look at some of their recent hires and acquisitions. While hindsight is always 20-20, some examples include Apple’s acquisition of Fingerworks in 2005 for their multitouch technology and the slew of map related acquisitions Apple made in the 2 years preceding the unveiling of their homegrown Maps app in iOS 6.

To that end, AppleInsider points us to an interesting hire Apple made recently when it brought in AMD chip architect John Bruno. Bruno’s current LinkedIn profile says that he’s a “System Architect at Apple” and his summary reads:

Results driven Platform Architect and ASIC Design expert with extensive experience in bringing complex new architectures and their accompanying platforms to market. Have a proven track record of managing large ASIC engineering teams and cross functional efforts to deliver cutting edge, complex designs with multi-billion dollar revenue streams. Highly meticulous and hard working, motivated by designing industry leading products.

AI adds:

Bruno’s management of AMD’s second-generation APU project, dubbed Trinity, is well known and it is speculated that he may take a similar role at Apple. As a side note, Apple was rumored to be using the original AMD Fusion APU in its Apple TV in 2010, but the final product ended leveraged the proprietary ARM-based A4 processor.

via AppleInsider


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