iPhone 5 to launch on September 21 – Rumor

Mon, Jul 23, 2012


Take this with a grain of salt, but the French language blog App4Phone claims to have received an inside tip from a prominent source “that specializes in the manufacture of accessories” alleging that Apple’s next-gen iPhone, perhaps to be called the iPhone 5, will be released on September 21.

Supposedly, the September 21 launch date will encompass the US, parts of Europe, and China.

Now the 21st of September is a Friday which does align with Apple’s preferred launch day of choice. Also, there have been quite a few reports over the past few days claiming that production of Apple’s next-gen iPhone has already commenced. That said, and September 21 rumors aside, the iPhone 5 will likely launch in either late September or early October.

Also note that if the September 21st date is, in fact, accurate, expect Apple to have an unveiling of the device about 10 days before launch. You know, just enough time to build up that patented Apple hype machine.

via App4Phone


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