Thousands lineup for Summer jobs at Foxconn plant in Chengdu

Thu, Jul 26, 2012


MicGadget reports that Foxconn has opened up jobs at its plant in Chengdu for the Summer and that thousands of people lined up in hopes of landing one. And as you can tell from the photo above, the rain couldn’t keep them away.

By looking at these photos, we can see that many Chinese jobseekers want those jobs at Foxconn. Apparently, the Foxconn plant in Chengdu is hiring now for summer jobs – and according to our sources, the plant is hiring a large number of summer workers, which may still have openings. What’s more, the young jobseekers are required to submit a registration fee of 150 Chinese yuan (about $24) before he/she could apply for the summer job. And there’s a requirement for applying the job, you need to have good eyesight.

Could these new jobs perhaps corroborate previous reports that production on the iPhone 5 is ramping up? MicGadget, citing one of their sources, relays that trial production on the iPhone 5 recently commenced.

About a week ago, Macotakara reported that the iPhone 5 had entered production in China, which if true, might point to a release date sometime in late September. At the very latest, one has to imagine that Apple’s next-gen iPhone won’t be released later than October 12, the date when the iPhone 4S first hit store shelves.

Lastly, MicGadget adds:

So, despite reports detailing the mistreatment of factory workers assembling Apple products in China, there’s still a huge demand for jobs at the Foxconn factory. There’s actually thousands of hopefuls lining up for Foxconn jobs as the Chengdu and Zhengzhou plants ramp up the iPad mini and next generation of iPhone production respectively.




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