iOS 6 will let users wake up to their favorite songs

Wed, Aug 15, 2012


There’s good news for the multitude of iPhone users who rely on their iOS device to help them get up in the morning. One of the many new features in iOS 6 – scheduled to drop in late September alongside the new iPhone 5 – will be the ability to choose songs from one’s iTunes library as an alarm sound.

As it stands now, users can only choose from a selection of pre-installed iPhone alerts, or if they so choose, they can purchase alert tones (which includes songs) from the iTunes Store. As a result, a small niche market for alarm clock apps emerged enabling users to select a wake-up tune from their entire iTunes library.

But with iOS 6, that functionality will be baked right into the Apple’s alarm clock feature.

This is what the new alarm clock pane will look like, courtesy of Apple Insider.

Note that this feature is also going to be available for the iPad once iOS 6 is released.


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