Apple shares rebound and inch closer to all-time high

Thu, Aug 16, 2012


Apple shares tend to fluctuate like no other, and after having crept down below to sub-$600 levels for a while, the stock has been on a tear lately.

Moving the stock along, as far as we can tell, is anticipation ahead of Apple’s iPhone 5 unveiling set for September 12th, and perhaps, Apple’s issuance of a dividend as well.

The Wall Street Journal adds:

Shares recently traded up 0.8% at $635.73. The stock is up 11% since closing at $574.88 on July 25 following that earnings report, in which worries popped up that iPhone sales may have lost steam.

Shares are up 57% this year. The all-time intraday peak is $644 hit on April 10.

Apple is currently trading at $636 and might we venture to say that we can see it shooting past its all-time high by the time early September rolls around.


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