Lucy Koh asks if Apple lawyers are “smoking crack”

Thu, Aug 16, 2012

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Things are certainly heating up in the courtroom as we’re about to finish up the third week of Apple and Samsung’s trial.

One thing is clear – Judge Lucy Koh is tired of courtroom shenaneigans and wants to keep the trial moving along swiftly and efficiently. That said, she was none too pleased today when Apple filed a 75-page brief detailing a list of 22 potential rebuttal witnesses.

Koh was pretty fumed and asked why Apple would craft such a lengthy document when “unless you’re smoking crack you know these witnesses aren’t going to be called!”

I mean come on. 75 pages! 75 pages! You want me to do an order on 75 pages, (and) unless you’re smoking crack, you know these witnesses aren’t going to be called when you have less than four hours.

Almost comically, Apple’s attorney responded by saying, “First, your honor, I’m not smoking crack. I can promise you that.”

In any event, Apple’s counsel agreed to narrow the briefing down while reaffirming that Apple would be able to get all of its proposed witnesses up on the stand without adding any more unwanted time onto the court proceedings.

As part of the trial, Koh has mandated that Apple and Samsung both have 25 hours worth of time with which to make their case to the jury. Samsung is actually down to just about an hour and a half while Apple now has six and a half hours remaining. Apple will likely be using its remaining time to cross-examine Samsung’s key witnesses while also proffering rebuttal witnesses of its own.

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