iPads becoming more popular among Pharmaceutical sales reps

Fri, Aug 17, 2012


The iPads growing influence in the Medical realm has been well documented, but now comes a report highlighting how Apple’s popular tablet computer is also making an impact in the pharmaceutical realm.

According to a survey recently conducted by Manhattan Research, approximately 65% of polled physicians indicated that they had had an interaction with a pharmaceutical sales rep who made use of an iPad in his/her pitch. Now compare that to a similar survey conducted in 2011 which found that only 30% of polled physicians had interacted with an iPad-toting pharmaceutical sales rep.

According to Manhattan Research, iPads help pharma reps better interact with physicians too. Of those physicians surveyed who had interacted with pharma sales reps with iPads, 35 percent said they were more likely to request a sample and 29 percent said they were more likely to consider prescribing the drug.

“We’re seeing more positive signs this year that the use of iPads by reps is driving the desired engagement and behavior among physicians,” Monique Levy, Vice President of Research at Manhattan Research explained in a statement.

via Mobile Health News



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