I’m sorry Microsoft, but Apple has the highest market cap of all time

Mon, Aug 20, 2012

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Apple’s markt cap now makes it the most valuable company of all time. The stock today has been on a rampage, climbing upwards of 2.21% for a market cap of $620 billion. The intraday high for the shares checked in at $664.75 a share.

Network World reports:

The previous market cap record was set by Microsoft back in 1999 when its shares had a market cap of $618.9 billion. But in the interest of keeping the playing field level, some have noted that Microsoft’s market cap of yore in today’s dollars would be about $842 billion. If Apple wants to top that, it’s shares would have to rise to about $898 a share, the equivalent to a 35% appreciation in share price. A feat, to be sure, but with some analysts pegging Apple’s stock target close to $1000, it’s certainly a possibility.



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