Mars Curiosity Rover Mission team likes themselves some Macs

Mon, Aug 20, 2012


You might have heard about the Curiosity Rover that touched down on Mars not too long ago. Well, it turns out that many of the folks on NASA’s team responsible for launching and otherwise being involved with the landing like themselves some Macs.

Here’s a photo from Mission Control where you’ll note the abundance of Macs.

macbook pros nasa mars rover

So what gives with all the Macs?

Well as it turns out, twelve scientists (or perhaps rocket scientists is more appropriate) from NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover engineering team took part in an AMA on Reddit to answer user questions about the mission.

Naturally, the questions were wide ranging and the team did an admirale job of answering as many questions as best they could. Inevitably, there were a few questions pointed at the photos which showcase the NASA team’s penchant for all things Mac.

Specifically, when asked about the team’s preference for Macs or PCS, the team responded with,

In this room: 12 Mac, 3 PCs MB


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