Steve Jobs’ 30th birthday present from his friends at Apple

Mon, Aug 20, 2012

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When Steve Jobs turned 30 in February of 1985, his friends and co-workers created the following video for him as a present. Originally posted by Technologizer, the video features an incredible amount of never before seen photos and video footage of Jobs.

They set it to the wonderful song “My Back Pages” by one of Steve’s idols, Bob Dylan, and filled it with images from Jobs’ first three decades. You know some of them, but only some. And they include many ones of a happy, relaxed, even silly Steve Jobs that most of us never got to see.

Technologizer credits receiving the video to Craig Elliot, Apple employee 8128 who was reminded of its existance by former Apple employee Tom Hughes who helped design the Picasso inspired Mac logo from the 80’s.


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