Tim Cook did speak with Samsung CEO, no agreement was reached

Tue, Aug 21, 2012

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Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Samsung CEO Kwon Oh Hyun at the request of US District Court Judge Lucy Koh. Koh was, for whatever reason, optimistic – or at the very least thought it was worth a shot – that the two company heads could reach a resolution without having to put the matter of their ongoing suit into the hands of the Jury.

The Apple/Samsung trial ended last week and closing arguments are scheduled to begin today.

Not surprisingly, nothing productive emerged out of the phone meeting held between the two CEOs. Samsung attorney Kevin Johnson informed Koh yesterday that while the two CEOs did speak on the phone, nothing of note was agreed upon.

“The CEOs did speak… There was no resolution”, Johnson said.

Again, closing statements begin today and Jury deliberations will kick off tomorrow.

via The Verge


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