Upcoming release of OS X 10.8.1 should address battery life issues for Mac notebooks

Tue, Aug 21, 2012


Following the release of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, a growing number of Apple notebook users began taking to Apple’s support forums and complaining about a rather noticeable decrease in battery life. In some of the more extreme cases, users were reporting that battery life times were decreasing by almost half.

Now Ars Technica is reporting that the developer seed of OS X 10.8 reverses the aforementioned battery life problems.

According to Softpedia’s developer source, those differences in battery life are reportedly reversed with the 10.8.1 developer seed. “Until I installed 10.8.1, my MacBook was showing 4h:05m after a full charge,” the developer claimed. “After installing 10.8.1 it’s showing over 8h.”

Apple has been seeding developer betas of 10.8.1 for just over a week, the second of which came last Friday. The company has not said when it plans to release 10.8.1 to the public, but according toour own analysis of past OS X updates, it should be coming down the line relatively soon. Ever since the release of OS X 10.4, Apple averages just over 19 days for the first point release (Lion was the outlier at 27 days). We’re now at roughly 27 days since the release of Mountain Lion, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see 10.8.1 show up in the Mac App Store sooner than later.



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