Why Facebook wants certain employees to use Android.. for now

Fri, Aug 24, 2012


So Facebook on Thursday released a brand spankin’ new iOS app that promises to be up to two times speedier for certain tasks. For anyone that uses Facebook on the go, this couldn’t have come soon enough. The older Facebook app, written in HTML 5, wasn’t clunky but could be painfully and terribly slow at times. The new app is written in Objective C and should run a helluva lot smoother.

But not everyone over at FB headquarters is rejoicing. Indeed, many Facebook employees won’t even be able to partake in the goodness that is the new Facebook for iPhone app. Word is that employees at the world’s largest social networking site are being swayed to give up their iPhones in favor of Android devices.

Now before you run off and think that there is some politicking going on, it turns out that there’s a much simpler explanation.

Apparently the Facebook for Android app is so dreadfully bad that Facebook feels the only way to really motivate employees to get it up to snuff is to force them to experience just how bad it is.

Citing some inside sources, along with some ex-Facebookers, BusinessInsider reports that “Facebook management realizes its Android app is subpar—and believes that the only way employees will take fixing it seriously is if they have to deal with its issues day in, day out.”



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