Ashton Kutcher looking very much the part of Steve Jobs

Mon, Aug 27, 2012


A few months back, Ashton Kutcher signed on to play Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs in a biopic tentatively titled Jobs: Get Inspired. Back in May photos of Kutcher wearing jeans and Jobs’ patented black turtleneck emerged.

And now we’ve stumbled across this photo of Jobs (err, Kutcher) looking a bit older, but very much still looking the part of of Jobs. This time, for instance, Kutcher is even wearing Jobs’ trademark New Balance sneakers. We venture a guess that this version of Jobs is from the late 1990’s after he had already returned to Apple.

And here’s what Kutcher as Jobs looked like just a few months back.

Also keep in mind that there’s another Jobs movie in the works, this one from Newsroom and West Wing megawriter Aaron Sorkin.


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