Following victory over Samsung, shares of Apple skyrocket to new highs

Mon, Aug 27, 2012


Though it’s gone down a tad since, shares of Apple opened up at $680 earlier today in the wake of Apple’s victory over Samsung over an assortment of utility and design patents.

The jury awarded Apple about $1.05 billion in damages, and while that’s hardly going to break Samsung’s bank or do much to really help Apple’s already fat bank account, we’re still talking billions here.

Shares of Samsung, as a result, plummeted more today than it has in the previous four years, losing $12 billion in Market Cap in the process. And while Samsung will of course appeal the ruling, Apple may choose to go for the jugular as it seeks permanent injunctions against a slew of Samsung devices currently on the market.

And as high as Apple is now, the crazy thing is that it may be poised to skyrocket even higher given that the iPhone 5 is slated for release sometime in late September to be followed by an iPad Mini launch later in the Fall.


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