Apple working on enhanced AirPlay to allow streaming sans Wi-Fi

Tue, Aug 28, 2012

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The Telegraph is reporting that Apple has its eyes on improving its AirPlay technology in such a way that iOS devices will be able to communicate directly with speakers without the need to set up a wireless network first. Adding to that, the report notes that Apple announce such a feature on September 12th where it will likely unveil a completely revamped lineup of iPods as well.

Sources said that Apple has not signed off any specific products yet and that the ‘Airplay Direct’ is a working title rather than a definite name.

Apple is also expected to combine a change in size for the iPod connector, used widely on docks, with a new push for Airplay streaming. This means docks will no longer require the iPod to be physically connected, bringing them into line with Android docks, which usually use BlueTooth for music playback.

Apple’s Airplay allows iPods, iPhones and iPads to play music directly to speakers that include the company’s proprietary chip, and claims to offer improved functionality over conventional speakers that can connect to phones or computers via BlueTooth.

So you can call it AirPlay via Bluetooth, or if you’re partial to Apple’s marketing department, AirPlay Direct works as well. Kidding aside, the article raises a lot of questions, and seeing as how the Telegraph isn’t typically a source for Apple rumors, we’d wait and hold judgement until September 12th arrives.


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