Apple employees granted 50GB of free iCloud storage

Thu, Aug 30, 2012


Straight from the top, Apple employees can now enjoy a free 50GB upgrade to their iCloud storage account, a value that checks in at $100 a year. Not too shabby considering that the regular ole’ iCloud account comes with a relatively paltry 5GB of storage.

This is the latest in a series of perks that Apple employees have seen since Tim Cook assumed control as CEO. Back in June, Apple instituted a program whereby Apple employees who have worked at Apple for at least 90 days can receive up to $500 off of a Mac or $250 off of an iPad. What’s more, this discount can be used in conjunction with the existing 25% discount employees currently enjoy as it pertains to hardware. Note, though, that the $500/$250 discount can only be used once every three years.


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