Apple’s Maps app in iOS 6 criticized, now the butt of jokes

Thu, Sep 20, 2012


Well, Apple’s Maps experiment seems to be off to an interesting start. While Flyover is certainly a sexy feature, there has been no shortage of folks who are already pining for Google Maps, arguing that for day to day use, Apple’s Maps effort has a lot of holes. From what we can gather, the bulk of these complaints seem to be coming from iOS 6 users abroad.

In any event, folks have already started compiling humorous, though probably aggravating if it affects you, photos of Apple’s Maps app gone awry.

Check out what people have been sending in over at the theamazingios6maps Tumblr page.

And as a quick example, here’s what Appel’s Maps app reveals (on the bottom) compared to what Google Maps has to offer.


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