Apple shares slip downwards in spite of strong iPhone 5 sales weekend

Mon, Sep 24, 2012


Only Apple.

Only Apple can sell 5 million units of a new product in just 3 days and have its share price go down by 10 points. In the wake of Apple’s iPhone 5 weekend sales figures, shares of Apple are down nearly 10 points to $690.56. Never mind the fact that Apple’s iPhone 5 sales figures are already 25% higher than they were for the iPhone 4S. Remember that launch weekend sales figures for the 4S checked in at 4 million units.

In the premarket, shares of Apple fell 2.13% as market analysts had expected Apple to sell more than 8 million of the next-generation iPhone during the first debut weekend.

Apple said more than 100 million iOS devices have been updated with iOS 6, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. In comparison, more than 25 million customers have updated their devices with iOS 5 in the first five days of its release in October 2011.

It’s crazy what type of impact statements from a lone analyst can have on the performance of a stock, more so than the actual performance of a company it would appear.


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