Does Google have a dedicated Maps app for the iPhone ready to go? No one knows

Tue, Sep 25, 2012

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There have been a lot of conflicting reports regarding a standalone Google Maps app that may or may not have already been submitted to Apple’s review team for submission into the iTunes App Store. A few days ago, 9to5Mac reported that the app had been submitted and was simply awaiting the green light from Apple. This however was soon discounted by in-the-know Apple blogger Jim Darlymple.

What’s funny is that Google Executive Chairman, and former CEO, Eric Schmidt has even spoken on the matter and we still aren’t quite sure what the hell is going on.

Earlier today, Reuters reported that Schmidt indicated that Google has made no moves towards submitting a Maps app to Apple.

While speaking to a group of reporters in Tokyo, Schmidt reportedly said, “We think it would have been better if they had kept ours. But what do I know? What were we going to do, force them not to change their mind? It’s their call.”

And while noting that Apple and Google are in communication with each other constantly, he said that “We have not done anything yet” when asked about whether or not Google Maps would find its way into Apple’s App Store.

So you think that would clear the air, wouldn’t you?

Only thing is it’s hard to get certain phrases down pat when Schmidt was informally talking to a group of reporters.

That being the case, Bloomberg has a slightly different take on Schmidt’s point of view.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said the company will need Apple’s approval to offer its maps application for the iPhone, after the software was replaced by an Apple program that’s been criticized by reviewers.

We haven’t done anything yet with Google Maps,” Schmidt told reporters in Tokyo today. Apple would “have to approve it. It’s their choice,” Schmidt said, declining to say if the Mountain View, California-based company submitted an application to Apple for sale through its App Store.

Oh Google, you’re so coy.

Until then, users who are needlessly panicking over Apple’s new Maps app can simply add to their iPhone home screen and, just like that, you have Google Maps right back on your phone and ready to roll.

Lastly, our take is that Google will eventually release a dedicated Maps app. Clearly, Apple’s Maps offering is only going to get better and with more than 5 million iPhone 5s already sold, it’s not as if people will be abandoning the iPhone in favor of other devices solely because of Maps. Indeed, the allure of the iPhone is such that people are snatching them up in record numbers in spite of a less than fully baked Maps application. Instead of leaving iPhone users to “deal with” Apple’s own offering, it’s in their interest to show iOS users just what exactly they’re missing out on.


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