The Apple iShiv – Parody video from Conan O’Brien

Thu, Sep 27, 2012


In case you missed it, there was a riot recently at a Foxconn plant over poor working conditions (such as overcrowded dormitories) that involved nearly 2000 employees. The factory in question was temporarily shut down as a result but things have since resumed to the status quo, with everything up and running again. But in the interim, nearly 40 employees were reportedly hospitalized.

In the wake of that, Conan O’Brien – who was great on the Simpsons, but is rather lackluster as a talkshow host (yeah, I said it) and his team put out the following video for iShiv, the latest Apple parody to make the rounds.

This one’s okay, and definitely funny by Conan’s standards, though some are understandably saying that it’s in poor taste.



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