Samsung will have access to Apple and HTC’s settlement agreement

Fri, Nov 23, 2012

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Samsung’s request for access to Apple and HTC’s recent settlement agreement has been granted by US Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal. As a quick refresher, Samsung argued that it should be able to check out the particulars of the aforementioned agreement so as to see if the terms are such that they might have to remove certain products from the market. So yeah, Samsung’s legal team certainly is crafty.

Apple’s attorneys had previously agreed to share a version of the agreement that redacted the financial terms of the settlement; in a hearing today Samsung argued that the fees HTC is paying Apple indicate how much consumer demand there is for those features covered by the patents. While Judge Grewal did write that he was “more than a little skeptical” of Samsung’s argument, he nevertheless ordered Apple to turn over the document. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear the details of the agreement will surface anytime soon, as it is being handed over subject to an “Attorneys-Eyes-Only” designation — basically, nobody but Samsung’s legal team will get a look.

via The Verge


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