Windows 8 sales are tepid and disappointing

Fri, Nov 23, 2012


Remember when Windows OS launches used to mean something? Yeah, well we’re in a new age now and OS releases just aren’t, for the lack of a better word, sexy anymore. That said, it’s not all that surprising that sales of Windows 8 thus far have been rather slow.

ExtremeTech reports:

Further confirming our suspicions that Windows 8 is off to a slow start, a Newegg senior vice president has said that sales of Windows 8 have been “slow going.” Likewise, sales of hardware with Windows 8 pre-installed has been “slow and steady.”

Furthermore, Windows enthusiast Paul Thurrott adds that sales of Windows 8 thus far haven’t met Microsoft’s internal projections.

Sales of Windows 8 PCs are well below Microsoft’s internal projections and have been described inside the company as disappointing. But here’s the catch: The software giant blames the slow start on lackluster PC maker designs and availability, further justifying its new Surface strategy. But Windows 8’s market acceptance can be blamed on many factors.

One of my most trusted sources at Microsoft confirmed Windows 8’s weak start this week. And with all of the drama surrounding Windows 8 and the recent, unexpected departure of Windows chief Steven Sinofsky, rumors are sure to swirl.


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