Apple, Google and Microsoft all interested in home automation company startup “id8 Group R2 Studios”

Thu, Dec 20, 2012

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Perhaps an iTV won’t be the next big thing Apple brings to the masses. Maybe, just maybe, home automation is the next big thing.

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Apple, Microsoft and Google are all interested in acquiring a home automation startup called startup id8 Group R2 Studios Inc, a company initially created by Slingbox Media Inc founder Blake Krikorian.

R2 Studios, which is developing home-media and automation technology, has remained largely mum about its plans but last year released an app that turns Android phones into touch panels for controlling heating and lighting systems wirelessly. R2 Studios also holds some patents related to controlling electronic devices and interfaces.

The status of the discussion and terms under consideration remain unclear. A deal may not happen and some talks may be preliminary.

via WSJ


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