Did Apple and TSMC strike a deal to manufacture A6x processors?

Mon, Jan 21, 2013

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In remarks made on Friday, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) CEO Morris Chang said that he anticipates that his company, in 2013, will be responsible for nearly all the chips built using the 28nm process. Consequently, some believe that Chang’s statements indicate that TSMC has at last struck a deal to manufacture chips for the iPhone. Remember that all of Apple’s chips are currently manufactured by Samsung.

According to China Times, Chang’s comments led analysts in attendance to believe that TSMC has secured orders from Apple for its upcoming A series processors. Apple’s A6X chip is currently produced on a 32nm process by Samsung, but a reduction to 28nm could result in power savings and improved performance for future devices.

Notably, a report from earlier this month relayed that Apple was moving its next-gen A6 chip to TSMC as opposed to Samsung and that trial production on A6x chips for Apple had already begun.

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