Gene Munster anticipates Apple HDTV before end of 2013

Wed, Jan 23, 2013

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Once again, the long time champion of the Apple HDTV – Gene Muster – is up to his old tricks. In an interview with Bloomberg yesterday regarding Apple’s upcoming earnings conference call, Muster cited his old friends – checks in the supply chain – and said that Apple will be releasing a fully equipped HDTV by the end of 2013.

All told, Munster anticipates that Apple will have three revenue generators of note in 2013 – a Retina Display iPad Mini, a more economical iPhone, and a full fledged HDTV.

Munster specifically noted:

The core of the debate is an improved set-top box… a hockey puck that attaches to your TV, or an actual television. Based on our work, in part, with talking to suppliers in asia, to talking with people in the industry, we think its an actual television. Specifically, the basic thing it fixes is the remote control problem… We think fixing that is going to be an important part of it. And the second piece down the road is content, content on demand. That’s essentially what apple television is. 

Now before you get all excited, remember that Munster has been predicting an Apple HDTV for years now. Back in March 2012 he said that Apple would release an HDTV before 2013 and that it would be the “biggest thing in consumer electronics since the smartphone.”

via Bloomberg (audio)



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