iPhone 5 LTE functionality to go live on 36 additional carriers next week

Fri, Jan 25, 2013


Apple this week announced during their earnings conference call that the iPhone 5 would be gaining 4G LTE service on an additional 36 carriers starting next week. As it stands now, LTE for the iPhone 5 is only available on carriers in a few countries – ┬áthe US, Canada, Britain, Japan, Australia, Korea and Germany just to name a few.

Note that LTE functionality on the iPhone 5 is only enabled on a carrier once Apple has certified them themselves. Consequently, a jailbroken iPhone running on a carrier that does have 4G LTE service will not actually get those 4G speeds.

Cook noted that LTE support for the iPhone 5 will hit some new countries such as Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, and several Middle Eastern countries that tallied together cover over 300 million customers.


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