Samsung’s Galaxy S IV to include eye-tracking technology

Mon, Mar 4, 2013


Samsung’s lineup of Galaxy S smartphones have proven to be worthy contenders to the iPhone throne. With each successive release, Samsung’s Galaxy S series sells more and more units.

Looking ahead, Samsung later this month will take the wraps off of its Samsung Galaxy S IV, it’s latest take on the modern day smartphone. Last week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung unveiled a new Wallet app that is remarkably similar to what Apple implemented with Passbook.

But one software feature we probably never have to worry about Apple copying is eye-tracking.

Yep, when Samsung rolls out the Galaxy S IV later this month in New York City, the phone will include eye-tracking software which will enable users to read through a webpage without having to use their fingers to gesture through the document.

The phone will track a user’s eyes to determine where to scroll, said a Samsung employee who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the news media. For example, when users read articles and their eyes reach the bottom of the page, the software will automatically scroll down to reveal the next paragraphs of text.

With Samsung’s Galaxy S IV press conference slated for March 14, it remains to be seen if Samsung will actually be demoing this futuristic piece of software or not. While I’d like to reserve judgement until I actually use Samsung’s eye tracking technology, forgive me for being beyond skeptical that anyone will find this software even remotely useful. Besides, the entire premise of the technology is wrought with practical problems; what if I’m a slow reader? What if my eyes want to linger on a photo at the bottom of a page for a second longer?

In any event, the upcoming Galaxy S IV rumored to feature a 13-megapixel camera along with a quad-core processor.

via NYT


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