iPhone marketshare in the US growing faster than Samsung’s

Thu, Mar 7, 2013


It’s funny how an anonymously sourced rumor about the iPhone supply chain can send shares of Apple reeling and prompt analyst to adjust their estimates while favorable research based on cold hard data doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on anything.

So it goes in the land of investing. But as for the favorable research involving Apple, a recent study released by comScore yesterday reveals that Apple’s share of the US smartphone market increased by 3.5% from October through January. All told, the iPhone comprised approximately 37.8% of smartphone users as of this past January.

iphone android marketshare study

Following Apple was of course Samsung whose share of the smartphone market increased just under 2% to a final tally of 21.4%. Trailing Samsung is HTC and Motorola, who both lost marketshare during the covered time period.

As for overall platform marketshare, Google’s Android still reigns supreme with a 52.3% share, followed by Apple with its 37.8% share. But while Apple’s share increased by 3.5%, Android’s share of the smartphone market dropped by 1.3%.

iphone android marketshare

via ComScore


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