Calling all gamers – The MacBook Pro is for real

Fri, Oct 17, 2008


The Mac has never been the ideal gaming platform, and though it still might not be the first choice for hardcore gamers, the new MacBook Pro, with its more powerful Nividia graphics processors, could very well become the platform of choice for serious gamers.

The MacBook Pro now has the firepower to run the most demanding games, and as a result, we might see games traditionally only available for PC’s make their way over to the Mac. ArsTechnica benchmarked the new MacBook Pro’s and subjected them to some of the more processor intensive games on the market, and overall, the results were very positive. ArsTechnica has the full scoop here.


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  1. anonymous Says:

    The new MacBook is even more important because it’s the best selling Mac ever and Nvidia’s 9400M is way better than Intel’s X3100. This is a big deal according to Aspire: “It should let us be able to support the MacBooks for a lot more games than before.”

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