Strangest iPhone App Ever?

Tue, Oct 21, 2008

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Take a look at this iPhone app called “Catch the Egg”.

What the hell?!  The game sells for $3.99 in the app store, but I’d say the ‘game’ is a rip-off even it were offered for free.  The description says “As you advance through the levels, try to catch new and different eggs!”  First of all, how many different kinds of eggs are there.. are we playing with easter eggs?  Also, whoever wrote the app description seems to be a little bit too enthusiastic about eggs.

The app has a 2 star rating, and the reviews are quite entertaining.

One person writes, “I would have to be high to play this, which I am.”  Another writes in, “This is $3.99???  You realize you can buy two dozen real eggs for less and throw them at your little brother and have more fun?”


Anyone out there have a stranger iPhone app that they’ve found/downloaded from the app store?


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