New I’m a Mac/PC ad takes another swipe at Vista

Wed, Oct 22, 2008


Apple unveiled a new ” I’m a Mac/PC” ad that takes yet another shot at Vista, and portrays Microsoft as putting more resources into an “expensive ad campaign” than towards fixing Vista. In the commercial, PC decides to have a bake sale to raise money so that he can help fix Vista since Microsoft isn’t doing much about it. Again, this is an interesting approach because the very idea is to put a negative spin on all Microsoft ads, no matter how good or effective they might be. Every time someone sees a Microsoft ad, they’ll assume that Microsoft is focusing more on the ad itself than on their actual products. Talk about irony in advertising. This ad is the third in a series of ads that attack Microsoft and Vista directly.


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  1. Vikram du Vikran Says:

    I see what you did there.

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