Toys ‘R’ Us to sell full assortment of iPod models

Tue, Oct 28, 2008

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It was reported two weeks ago that Toys ‘R’ Us would start stocking and selling iPods, and now word is getting out that Toys ‘R’ Us will be selling all iPod models in special iPod boutique areas, similar to how Best Buy sells its Apple products.  With almost every teenager owning some sort of iPod, it only makes sense for Toys R Us to line their shelves with them.  Also important is the fact that the iPod touch is becoming a pseudo, if not full-fledged, gaming device.  The iPod rose to prominence because people wanted their music in their pocket, and now that you can have your music and games all on one device, it’s only natural that Toys R Us would want to sell them.

In addition to selling the iPod Touch, Nano, and Shuffle, Toys ‘R’ Us will also be selling a multitude of iPod related accessories such as iTunes gift cards, iPod dock stations, and carrying cases.  In a statement released earlier today, the company stated that “the introduction of Apple iPod products reinforces our status as the ultimate shopping destination for kids and furthers our specialist position by offering the best and broadest assortment of products that kids crave.”

It’s important to note that the iPod isn’t the first mp3 player to be sold by Toys ‘R’ Us.  The company has been selling mp3 players from companies like Microsoft, Sony, and SanDisk for quite some time.


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