Rock Band coming to the iPhone?

Sat, Nov 22, 2008


Silicon Alley Insider reports that the co-creator of the video games ‘Rock Band’ and ‘Guitar Hero’ has his eye on developing a similar type program for the iPhone.

But what about the iPhone rhythm game Tap Tap Revenge, which is already available and popular? Not a threat, Alex says. Alex told us it was hard for him to get into the game because of its limited music catalog, and he only began to enjoy playing Tap Tap Revenge once a special edition featuring Nine Inch Nails came out.

The iPhone’s low barriers to entry — cheap software, easy distribution, no plastic guitars to sell — means Harmonix’s version can do well even if Tap Tap publisher Tapulous has a headstart of a year or more. “Maybe we’ll get there [to the iPhone] late. But if we get there with something that’s better, for five dollars, we can probably sell it.”


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