Flashback: Steve Jobs introduces the first Apple Store

Sun, Nov 30, 2008

Apple History, News

An interesting look back.

Via iPhoneSavior via MyAppleSpace


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  1. joe Says:

    I was looking at the introduction of the itunes music store when I click on the same video this morning. It was a deja vu moment for me when I saw the same topic on digg.com

  2. Bill Kelley Says:

    Now click on the Business Week article explaining why Apple Stores will fail.

  3. dustin Says:

    kinda makes me want to make a linux store…prolly wouldn’t make as much money, and by that i mean no money, but it would definatly be epic

  4. Andrew Hyde Says:

    I forgot how much the iMac’s creeped me out.

  5. oka Says:

    yeah… look how much Apple has become since…

  6. Sajeev Says:

    Wow ..young Steve ..Deja Vu moment!

  7. Marble Says:

    Those are some tight pants…

  8. Mike Eilers Says:

    You’re not a genius? yeah right.

  9. Lisa Says:

    That’s the palo alto store i think.

  10. Lee Says:

    This is the Tyson’s Corner, VA store. I was in the line the next day for the store opening. Glendale, CA and Tyson’s Corner, VA opened on the first day. Steve was in Virginia and did interviews with local and national news.

  11. Stuart Says:

    AppleWorks all the way baby!

  12. Notsteven Jobs Says:

    I admit, I was skeptical at first. A lot of computer stores had previously shut down. But Steve Jobs in a clever person, so he’s usually right.

  13. mike Says:

    The beginning of the monopoly!

  14. Juani Says:

    Wow, it’s amazing how the store hasn’t changed much since the launch.

    And, unlike recent complaints, Steve’s jeans are a little too tight.

  15. Marvin Fernandez Says:

    To: Bill Kelley
    Check the date on your article. It’s dated more than seven years. The Apple Store has proven itself several times over. Being a Mac convert, I would not have made the transition had it not been for the Apple Store.

  16. Bryan Says:

    Who is that fat guy?

  17. Brodie Says:

    Haha, 6 of the best mp3 players.

    That’s going back a bit.

  18. Lance Says:

    Wow, a Cube on display and OS9 boxes on the shelf. That was quite a while ago!

  19. Anonymous Says:


  20. john jacob jingle hymer smit Says:

    so whens the store open?

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