App Store surpasses 300 million downloads

Fri, Dec 5, 2008

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Apple ran an advertisement in the New York Times today which noted that there have been over 300 million downloads from the iTunes app store and more than 10,000 applications available.  The ad also highlighted a number of business, music, and entertainment applications currently available for download.  This is a continuing trend in Apple’s efforts to not only market the iPhone, but to highlight what users can do with it.

This is impressive news for the app store, which has only been around for 5 months and debuted with a humble 500 apps.  The last time Apple made any mention of total downloads from the app store was in mid October when it announced at its earnings conference call that it was about to surpass 200 million downloads.  So in a month and a half, the number of downloaded applications increased by 50%.  The going average for app downloads seems to come in at about 60 million every month.

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