Moby and other big names to be featured in new version of Tap Tap Dance

Mon, Dec 8, 2008


Tapulous, the company behind the popular Tap Tap Revenge game for the iPhone and iPod Touch is coming out with a new game that will feature well-known musical acts from EMI, the largest music publisher in the world.  The game, which will be called Tap Tap Dance, will include songs from Moby, The Chemical Brothers, Digitalism, Daft Punk, and Basement Jaxx, along with tracks from a few independent artists as well.

Tapulous CEO Bart Decrem says that he is still in talks with other major record labels, and expects to have similar offerings from them available for download early next year.  He notes:

“We are close to having a formula that the artists, labels, publishers, and Apple are all happy with.”

In addition, EMI will release a digital soundtrack comprised of the songs from the game that will be available only on iTunes.  Interestingly, EMI is expecting the bands themselves to handle the brunt of the promotion by reaching out to fans and promoting the game via their websites.

When Tap Tap Revenge was first released, it was an immediate hit, despite complaints that it lacked any recognizable songs and artists.  This latest move by Tapulous seems to be the next step in their efforts to combat that perception and broaden the game’s appeal.  Most recently, Tapulous released a “Christmas with Weezer” version of Tap Tap Revenge.  The app features six songs that were recorded exclusively for the game, along with two tracks from one of their CDs.


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