Is Rolando the “Super Mario Brothers” of the App Store?

Fri, Dec 19, 2008


AppleInsider has a glowing review for one of the most widely anticipated iPhone games, Rolando.

Many gaming titles for the iPhone feel like miniature games, and that’s only fair because up till now the games for devices like MP3 players and phones have been exactly that: minigames. Snake, Sudoku, Solitaire — the rule of thumb thus far has been that if it isn’t a dedicated gaming platform like the Nintendo DS, it’s not going to get dedicated game development.

It looks like that’s all about to change, because the feeling you get from Rolando is the same one you get from a game that comes in a package with a manual, and one for which you paid some exorbitant price. But it’s not. It’s $9.99, it’s digitally distributed, and it’s on your phone or MP3 player.

The gameplay looks unbelievable, and the extent of Rolando’s success might be a good yardstick in determining whether or not truly dedicated and polished games for the iPhone and iPod Touch will be a worthwhile endeavor for developers.

Check out the videos below.

TouchArcade also gave the game good reviews, and they’ve also posted a video of the game in action.


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