iFart developer makes $40,000 in 2 days

Sun, Dec 28, 2008

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iFart, therefore I am (the #1 iPhone app).  Or something like that.  iFart is fast becoming one of the most popular iPhone/iPod Touch applications out there.  The developer of iFart, Joel Comm, has been pretty forthcoming with sales figures, and on his blog he noted that over Christmas Eve and Christmas day, more than 58,000 people purchased a copy of iFart, netting him over $40,000 dollars in just two days.

iFart, as the name suggests, is a $.99 novelty iPhone app that plays a wide variety of fart sounds.  It was initially released on December 12th, and has since skyrocketed up the app store charts, and is now the #1 paid program in the app store.  In the two weeks following its release, it’s been downloaded 113,865 times, netting the creators $78,908 in the process.  78 grand is higher than the average income per capita for every country in the world – and this guy surpassed that in two weeks.  Incredible.

iFart, though, isn’t the only app that’s making noise (sorry) in the app store this holiday season.  MacRumors is reporting that a number of other developers have also seen sales of their apps triple and even quadruple over the past few days.  The sudden surge in app downloads can most certainly be attributed to the large number of iPhone and iPod Touch’s that were sold during the holiday season, and also to people cashing in their iTunes Store gift cards to load up on apps.

Interestingly, iBeer is currently the #3 paid app in iTunes.  I wonder if there’s a correlation.

You can check out iFart on iTunes over here.


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  1. Photo Sharing Says:

    This is outrageously crazy! Well done to the developer, but what a strange app.

  2. maidomo Says:

    wow, people would pay for anything, this app is useless and stupid.

  3. david Says:

    Brilliant, wish I had thought of it!

  4. PhantomParticle Says:

    Yeah, My App tripled sales on Christmas day as well, and has been maintaining double ever since. What recession? 😉

  5. Wyatt Lehmenkuler Says:

    The iphone platform really inspires developers to create apps that the majority of the people want to purchase. Although an iFart app is not one that I would purchase, this platform allows small developers to make a lot of money for their efforts. I think it is wonderful.

    Wyatt Lehmenkuler

  6. mike Says:

    Wow, this is so sad. Reminds me of the movie Idiocracy.

  7. bobo Says:

    This recession just sucks.

  8. terry carter Says:

    LOL – i saw this the other day – didn’t realize it was a paid app… It’s the modern day whoopie cushion!

  9. LT Says:

    Nothing wrong with “useless and stupid” but this app doesn’t work if you’ve altered your iPhone. Don’t waste your money.

  10. GF Says:

    I think its great that the iFart is doing so well. I submitted an app back in October and mine was rejected because it had FARTS. I was told to remove them if I would like to have a chance at putting the app on the app store. Months later and a second round of sounds to remove this time a PUKE sounds the app was then approved on Dec. 21. I am not sure what Apple’s reasoning for this is but I am happy to hear that iFart is successful.

  11. apple Says:

    is gay

  12. steve Says:

    What’s next? I S#$t.

  13. dangrsmind Says:

    Proving once again that fools and their money are soon parted. Hope none of the purchasers get laid off in 2009.

    Next Christmas, please consider given giving a dollar to a hungry kid instead of buying another stupid iPhone prank app.

  14. Kiki Says:

    I admit it, I have sunk down the fart machine level. Instead of the ifart though, I bought the “Pull My Finger” app which actually has a finger to pull. I’m telling you girls, kids, grandmas… everyone seems to enjoy it and it was the center of attention during the holidays. The finger gives it better action than a simple button.


  15. Seumas Says:

    I thought I could make money with my farts, but no one was willing to pay for them. This guy clearly has special farts!

  16. ES Says:

    When are you going to make this for the blackberry?????

  17. Brad Says:

    The genius was really in only charging $0.99 for it.

  18. simon Says:

    wow, makes you realise how many morons we have at our disposal that we can get profit from!

  19. alex Says:

    it’s really crazy…. such a success with such an app 🙂
    tons of farting apps are now in the store.
    and even such things like iVomit 🙂

  20. dave Says:

    The genius was really in only charging $0.99 for it..

  21. danny Says:

    wow, makes you realise how many morons we have at our disposal that we can get profit from!!

  22. iparen Says:

    When are you going to make this for the blackberry??????

  23. mike Says:

    That is amazing. If I thought of that idea though people would say I was crazy. It is always if someone else does it, it is not crazy.

  24. JustinDaMan Says:

    You want farts? Watch that crap movie Nutty Prof. II. Get your fill.

  25. Caleb Says:

    The old classic stick-comedy “fart sessions” actually make money…that just proves what I’ve been saying all along:

    You can make money from anything using the net ❗

  26. iPhone Applications Developers Says:

    It’s an entertainment app, and works good for kids at least 😛


  27. iPhone Applications Developers Says:

    It’s an entertainment app, and works good for kids at least 😛


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  36. economy forum Says:

    Is it really that surprising?

    Small $1 apps are great ideas, I wish more people would understand that you are more likely to sell 5 apps for $.99/ea vs 1 for $4.99

  37. Lost Guy Says:

    this is just insane. i so wish i had thought of this

  38. arrgh Says:

    Fuck you, humanity. Fuck. You.

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  41. Bobb Truax Says:

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