GTA IV makes fun of Apple, predicts iPhone 3G reception problems

Wed, Dec 31, 2008

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As 2008 comes to an end, we thought we’d look back at one of the best Apple spoofs from the last year.  And the winner, hands down, is Grand Theft Auto IV.

GTA IV hit like a bombshell when it was released in April, received a ton of accolades, and subsequently won a few “Game of the Year” awards.  But even in the midst of all the killing and violence, GTA IV came through with the great biting social commentary that we’ve come to expect from Rockstar.  Check out these pics from the game (from an Internet cafe) which do a great job of mocking Apple and users of Apple products.

Check out the iMac, and the browsers close resemblance to Safari.  But the real ‘gold’ lies in the description of this fictional company called “Fruit”:

Think Simple.  Think Minimalism.  Think Overpriced.


Funny shit.  But it doesn’t end there.

The new IFRUIT Phone is advertised with the following tagline:

“No buttons. No reception. No Storage Capacity. All Ego”

Who would have thought GTA IV would have predicted the iPhone 3G reception fiasco a full 3 months ahead of time!
Photos taken by Dylan Unutmaz



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  1. Anonymous Says:

    What reception fiasco? The one that was fixed and isn’t a fiasco at all?

  2. Greg Says:

    Oh I gotta have one!

  3. Norman619 Says:


    So you just admitted there was a problem eh? LOL!!!


  4. Bob Says:

    Wow, how ironic considering the game has to run in essentially bare settings with blur-filter for movement.

  5. makay Says:

    🙂 The ads for this game where made on Macs

  6. Anonymous Says:

    ^ Oh seems, you offended someone. It was a fiasco too, it took them over 3-4 months to fix the reception problem with a firmware update, so I have no clue where you were during that time.

  7. Beth Says:

    lol nice!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    All my friends who got iPhones here in NYC are constantly dropping calls. Or maybe they’re pretending to to get away with hanging up on me… point is – right on, Rockstar!

  9. OH... Says:

    So you know of it…

  10. Anon2 Says:

    Anonymous must be a to$$er.

  11. Justice Says:

    I see anonymous has him/herself an iPhone!

  12. R Says:

    wow, way to add yourself to the mockery. The fiasco was because there was a problem in the first place

  13. Jimmy Says:

    My mom says her iPhone gets superior reception to her home phone and hasn’t experienced any dropped calls.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Someone is senstive…

  15. Linter Says:

    Apple is dog sh1t

  16. nobody Says:

    You didn’t see the reception fiasco? Are you living under an irock?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    “What reception fiasco? The one that was fixed and isn’t a fiasco at all?”

    LOL hit a little close to home

  18. Martin Says:

    No, the one that still exists and is one of the reasons that people are turning to other phones instead of the iPhone.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    What fanboy? The one that posted before me?

  20. Lame Tosser Says:

    “What reception fiasco? The one that was fixed and isn’t a fiasco at all?”

    No, the other one. The one that’s still going on and has been going on since the 3G was launched.

  21. D Says:

    Stick it up your chuffers, Appleboys

  22. Anonymous Says:


  23. Al Says:

    Quick, someone said something mildly insulting about Apple. Fanboys attaaacckkk!!!

  24. ha ha Says:

    shut up fan boy

  25. Anonymous Says:

    No, the other one.

  26. stinkypie Says:

    Apple elitism at it’s finest.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I sense an apple fanboy above me.

  28. anon Says:

    lol at the defensive fanboy

  29. ChronicJihad Says:

    Are you dumb, deaf, and blind? The iphone still doesn’t have 3g reception yet.

  30. anon Says:

    lol at above: we’ve got a live one!

  31. Anonymous Says:

    so funny. yay anti-mac

  32. Spunkster Says:

    ^ fanbois already on the defence….

  33. Anonymous Says:

    People that troll Apple products are too poor to afford them.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    The iFruit Phone. After “All ego,” they forgot to add “All jealousy.”

  35. Wyatt Lehmenkuler Says:

    I feel sorry for Windows users.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    i agree – those that have ever owned one wouldnt be hating – most of the products, while overpriced, rock. I bet the early natives thought guns were pretty shi!tty too until they finally got their hands on one.

  37. N/A Says:

    fanboys of windows and apple everywhere. you all are pathetic.

  38. Exodus Says:

    I may like Apple but this is pretty funny shit XD.

    Its good to get a laugh once in a while.

  39. Tosser Says:

    What a maroon. Oh yeah, your mom’s hot too.

  40. @Bob Says:

    What are you talking about, minimal settings? Either your xbox sucks, or your pc does.

  41. Rob Says:

    Hmm.. I think the Simpsons did it a lot better, this is just a lazy parody with no real thought process behind it. If Rockstar wanted to make GTAIV seem real rather than parodying this stuff they should have just filled it with actual products…

  42. Lance Says:

    Now I’m not trying to defend anything here, but what “fiasco” are you guys referring to? I’ve had both the original iPhone and 3G iPhone and haven’t had narry a problem with reception. Granted, I don’t live in NYC, but I do live on the East Coast and from what I’ve read, it seemed to be a pretty minute number of customers who had an issue. I heard about the NYC issue, but exactly how many people were affected by that? Me thinks that people both Pro-Apple and Anti-Apple tend to exaggerate things a bit too much.

  43. Anonymouse Says:

    Well, at least its not as bad as the latest Micro$h!t fiasco..

    The fiasco is not that their failing, but that sheeple actualy use zunes! How’s that zune working with M$ ‘plays4sure’ anyway LOL … LMAO.

  44. blahblahblah Says:

    People that troll Apple products do it to piss off little fanboy faggots like you. I’m sure you were sitting behind your fancy ass homo iMac shaped like a lamp, grinding your teeth at how someone could make fun of your fucking computer-god Steve Jobs and his fucking overpriced PC’s. They do it because it’s fun and easy — you people are so fucking predictable it’s almost not funny, but then you make your cute little retorts and go on the defensive and everyone busts out laughing at you and your suckling on Steve Job’s tit. Completely fucking brainless and easy to manipulate.

    That’s why people troll Mac products, because Mac users are even more fucking stupid than the shit they’re buying.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    I have an iPhone 3G, and haven’t had many reception problems, but have had dropped calls (especially while on the 3G network), but having had a Windows Mobile phone, a couple different Blackberries, and a Palm phone as both personal and work devices in the recent (last 2-3 years) past, I wouldn’t trade my iPhone for any of them.

    As for the parody, I thought the Simpson’s was much better, and quite a bit funnier then GTAIV’s.

  46. anti blahblahblah Says:

    blahblahblah is one of the most clueless morons I have ever had the misfortune of reading. He is obviously a tard that can’t afford decent equipment which is why he is so jealous of the superior apple equipment.

    I bet he is also has a huge dose of penile envy because he obviously has a micro-penis.

    Go play with you brown 30Gb Zune asswipe. Oh I forgot… you can’t because the all stopped working last night.

    Get a life you total tard loser !

  47. Anonymous Says:


    what just like all those windows fanboys who run home and cry to there mommy when someone attacks windows?

  48. alex Says:

    phone works great now. so i dont get what all the hype is about.

  49. duhduhduh Says:

    @blahblahblah – What the hell do you expect? You’re saying something and some other people don’t agree with what you’re saying. They’re not being defensive. They’re not obliged to think the way you do either. That doesn’t make them idiots. If you think everyone should agree with you and think the way you do, you’re a nazi. Congrats.
    Now, look up the definition of ‘disagreement’, alright?

  50. chris Says:

    to bob, were you playing it on a mac?

  51. b Says:

    nice to see windows users letting out some of that pent up rage that builds every day while using soul sucking nightmare inducing garbage computers running linux or windows.

    if you guys don’t vent every once in awhile i swear you’d all explode.

    me, i’ll just keep on gettin’ shit done. using my mac.

  52. Jason Says:

    1. I’ve never had a reception problem with my 1st generation iPhone

    2. I’ve never had a problem with my Mac which is used for several hours a day – and during the time period I’ve had it, I’ve replaced all the hardware in my PC that is used a couple of hours a month – twice

    3. Apple has fanboys because people are passionate about their products, Windows don’t have fanboys because their users have learned to accept a crappy experience

    4. The majority of Windows users have never used a Mac yet they’ll still bash it, the majority of Mac users have used Windows and that is why they switched

    5. This argument is pointless because you think you’re right, I know I’m right

  53. Anonymous Says:

    I’m going outside to play, nerds.


    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring bananaphone!
    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring bananaphone!!

    I’ve got this feeling, so appealing
    For us to get together and sing, sing !

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring bananaphone!
    Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding donanaphone!!!

    It grows in bunches
    I’ve got my hunches
    It’s the best, beats the rest!
    Cellular, Modular, Interactive odular

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring bananaphone
    Ping pong ping pong ping pong ping pananaphone!!!!!

    It’s no baloney!
    It ain’t a phony!!
    My cellular, Bananularphone!!!
    Don’t need quarters, don’t need dimes
    To call a friend of mine
    Don’t need computer or TV
    To have a real good time
    I call for pizza, I call my cat
    I call the White House, have a chat
    I place a call around the world
    Operator get me Beijing jing jing jing

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring bananaphone!
    Ying yang ying yang ying yang ying yananaphone

    It’s a real live mama and papaphone
    A brother and a sister and a dogophone
    A grandpa phone and a grandma phone too, oh yeah
    My cellular, bananular phone!!

    Bananaphone, ring ring ring It’s a phone with a peel
    Bananaphone, ring ring ring Now you can have your phone and eat it too
    Bananaphone, ring ring ring This song drives me bananas!
    Bananaphone, ring ring ring…..

  55. James Says:

    Here we go again, every time there is a pc/mac/linux story anywhere on the internet all hell breaks loose. Who cares if you think Macs or PCs are better they all do their own thing, any chance we can drop it unless you have some constructive feedback?

  56. Anonymous Says:

    You know you want an iPhone.

  57. APPLEIS4GAYS Says:

    quick let me make a bullet list of facts avout appale because I’m a pretentious t0$$er who cant take a joke about my fucking computer that does the same shit as everyone else.

    Apple lovers are worse then the trolls who bait them. You Mac users are some fucking easy it is not funny, like shooting turtleneck wearing gay fish in a barrel.

  58. Jeremy Says:

    My best friend has an iPhone 3G and I use it to play games every time I’m in the car and she is driving. I have never, and I mean NEVER seen the 3G icon in the corner, it still has the E for EDGE. So to say that 3G is working fine is obviously not true.

    Also, in response to Jason… I have never had a problem with my PC, it always works and is used for many hours a day.

    Apple has fanboys because Americans are lazy and like how “easy” it is to use a mac. Also because apple products almost always look good (one thing apple is good at). It’s strange because every time that I am on my friends mac and can’t figure out how to do half the stuff I can do on my PC, so I don’t understand how it is simpler.

    I have used a mac and I use it every time I’m at my friends house, but I prefer my PC.

    The majority of mac users are mac users because they are lazy and usually have very little intelligence and do whatever everyone else does because it’s “cool”.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    your kidding me right? your now finding out about that in GTA IV wow that just sad

  60. Vectoor Says:

    I preferred the IKEA spoof, but that might be because I’m Swedish 😛

  61. Jason Says:

    lol, whats funny is everyone in the US that has an iphone with reception problems, because as far as I know they dont exist here in Canada( the receptions problems, at least not in southern Ontario. Im willing to bet a lot of the issues are on Cingulars end and not Apple’s. The cell portion does run off Cingular’s network and it is their network that is dropping calls.

  62. Anon Says:

    Devastating satire.

  63. chris Says:

    yarr, tis a beautiful sight to see people once so aloof & self satisfied, lament so about a cheap throwaway joke

  64. Steve Jobs Says:

    now now now… believe me when i say this, i can sell you a turd, all i have to do is shine it, put some semi translucent polymer coating over it add some aluminum. Smack on an apple logo, and put a nice pretty price tag. You’ll like it, you’ll enjoy it, and best of all, its only six hundred dollars.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    if you own an iphone then you joined the masses as a usheep.

  66. J Says:

    Apple fantards are so pathetic, it’s almost hilarious.

  67. Jeffsters Says:

    You windows fanboys are funny but it’s Apple that’s laughing all the way to the bank!

  68. chronicfathead Says:

    I own both Macs and PC’s. I use Windows and OSX every day. I also useNokia and iPhones. I prefer the Mac and the iPhone. I am a techie, and the Mac is not a simple machine. If you want you can dig in and do very scary things, but you don’t need to! I have tools for removing spyware, viruses, cleaning the registry, defragging the hdd on the pc side, and an optimizing tool on the mac. The I find the mac does what I need easier more of the time, but I still need to boot into Wimdows to play games against my son on his pc. This will change over time.

    I would say that anyone who has had an iPhone would rate it as one of the best phones they have owned. The Sony’s and nokias that I’ve owned are usless in comparisson. The only people who can give you a true picture are the people who have owned both, but they will always be branded fanboys. I know which is best for me, even though they tend to be more expensive, but you have to pay for quality!

  69. Anonymous Says:

    you are all a bunch of cunts

  70. Andrew G Says:

    # Bob Says:
    December 31st, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    Wow, how ironic considering the game has to run in essentially bare settings with blur-filter for movement.

    Really stupid? I run it at 1440X900 highest setting with no problems whatsoever. Stop trying to run it on your MAC dipsh*t!

  71. Gennice Says:

    I see this story turned out so hot for Mac vs PC people. But, GTA really had nice scenario and this is the part of the scenario right? It will not affect on iPhone or other Apple’s products so much… iPhone is great anyway!

  72. Jlittle Says:

    and then all the gay apple bashers came out…

  73. Brad Says:

    Unless things have changed, aren’t most xbox 360 games developed on old Apple PowerPC G5 machines?

  74. Standchance Says:

    What, this totally sucks, the Simpson’s got it right. If your going to bash Apple do it in an “Insanely Great” way. I’m sure Cupertino would want it that way.

  75. Bill Says:

    PCs are soo way beter than maks. They work all teh time. Mine never ever crashes. You fanbois are dumb cuz you spend to much of your own money and never ever give any too me.
    iPhones are to costed to much and no one wants one. Apple will FAIL in 2009 and then all teh world will be Microsoft.

    See how stupid that all sounds?
    Everyone, get outside more often. You all sound like you are 14.

  76. Anonymous Says:

    everybody go out, interact with people, talk, be a human. your not going to find what you need here arguing over computers.

  77. Anonymous Says:

    according to the last week i’ve spent in isolation on my computer, haven’t apple products been used to program microsoft devices?

  78. James Says:

    @ blahblahblah

    Alright, I’m going to be the “Predictable one” here and say:

    Apple Products are Freaking Expensive- agreed
    But, haven’t you heard of the old saying: “you get what you’ve payed for”? Now I could be the average college student and spend say $400 of graduation money on the latest PC at walmart, but where is the fun in that?
    I had a blast working at a minimum wage job (amusement park ride operator) making $2,500.00 more than what I would have spent at Walmart.


    I’ve had a cheapie a couple of times, and where has that gotten me?

    “Sorry Mr. Stevenson, my PC crashed on me, corrupted my files, and killed my dog!”

    instead of:

    “Here it is Mr. Stevenson”

    The fact of the matter is, a mac works when YOU WANT it to work.

    Yes, I own a PC too and I gotta say… WTF!?!

    How is windows the #1 platform? I have antivirus software, I do the updates, and I’m pretty darn good at what I do, (Business Programmer and IT Support)
    and I end up spending more time troubleshooting my PC than working.

    Before you say “I’ve never gotten the BlueScreen” or “Maybe it’s operator error” No, it’s just that the PC Can’t handle everything certain peoples needs.

    Ol’ Mac can.

    and sure, sure, I could build a Hackintosh or just use Linux… but where’s the support?
    I would have been F%&#ed that day in the art room (when I dropped my Macbook on the Brickwork tools) if I didn’t have Applecare, they replaced my screen for free and got it back to me in two days.

    BTW, the iMac is more shaped like a Mirror if anything.

    anyway, Yes. I do agree that my computer was too damn expensive,

    but let me ask you something,

    the computer you are sitting at, the one, You became offensive over…
    was it worth it?

    because when you buy a Mac, you buy Art.
    Form + Function + Beauty…

    Adaptive operating system…

    Piece of Mind and spirit…

    Oh, it’s fucking worth it baby.

    Now, go take your complicated life back to the PC world and stay there,
    Because Macworld is reserved for Nice people, people that really don’t judge others by their opinions.
    I Use mac because it works for me. but it’s something I shouldn’t be judged over.



    and P.S.

    Take a look at the nearest Windows logo, if you look closely at the flag, it seems as if a Swastika appears


    “blahblahblah Says:
    December 31st, 2008 at 3:10 pm
    People that troll Apple products do it to piss off little fanboy faggots like you. I’m sure you were sitting behind your fancy ass homo iMac shaped like a lamp, grinding your teeth at how someone could make fun of your fucking computer-god Steve Jobs and his fucking overpriced PC’s. They do it because it’s fun and easy — you people are so fucking predictable it’s almost not funny, but then you make your cute little retorts and go on the defensive and everyone busts out laughing at you and your suckling on Steve Job’s tit. Completely fucking brainless and easy to manipulate.

    That’s why people troll Mac products, because Mac users are even more fucking stupid than the shit they’re buying.”

  79. Anonymous Says:

    you all are idiots who cares, if you don’t want to buy apples products than don’t, if you do than do, It’s like bitching about whether skiing or snowboarding is better, neither its preference, so get a life and stop arguing about petty shit on the internet.

  80. ATV Says:

    i can’t believe i missed that in the game. maybe i was too busy trying to get a date

  81. stereomanic Says:

    “ATV Says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 8:43 am

    i can’t believe i missed that in the game. maybe i was too busy trying to get a date”

    haha…good one…that…was…a…joke…right??

    As an ipod touch 2g user, i find this non-offensive and funny and screw you mac/pc/unix/linux fanboys…get a life man and be like ATV, he was looking for dates :). One thing i really hate about Apple products to say the least is the lack of a good manual…you heard the term “read the f’kin manual”…dont bother with apple’s…it’s like trying to find bill gate’s account book.
    But hey, i use to think that extreme fanboyism cant get any worse but my god, some of you take this too seriously..both for and against…but thanks for the entertainment asian folks just laugh at you, why you quarrel, we have already sold out the I-fruits phone pre-installed with melamine around the world already..I-fruits rule..

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