Clever new iPhone App – iSteam

Fri, Jan 2, 2009


Check out the video below for this new iPhone app called iSteam.  It essentially turns your screen into a “Steam” screen, and lets you write messages on it as you would on a steamed up bathroom mirror.  Very clever and original!

It’s free and you can find it on iTunes over here.


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  1. beccabec03 Says:

    whaaat? not free anymore darling. not worth paying 99 cents for this. I got duped into downloading it but it doesn’t really do much. and the fogging sometimes doesn’t work.

  2. Barak Ben-Ezer Says:

    Dear Editor,
    This is Barak Ben-Ezer from Apparty, authors of the original fog application for the iPhone – iFog. I feel that it is unfair that our application wasn’t covered in the same post as it is the original fog application – released a week prior to iSteam – and offers more features and better executed. We have the secret message feature, where you write something on the screen and nothing is visible until you blow air and fog covers the screen, beside the message part.

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