Apple at CES 2010 – Could the rumors be true?

Wed, Jan 14, 2009

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There have been rumors floating around suggesting that Apple is planning to attend CES in 2010, and according to sources at AppleInsider, Apple’s attendance is a done deal. On its face, this rumor is absurd for a variety of reasons. After all, Apple left Macworld, which also takes place in January, precisely because it became unfeasible to release new and amazing products at an arbitrary time in January. Phil Schiller even noted to David Pogue that a January product showcase does not mesh well at all with any of Apple’s product cycles. Also, didn’t Apple say that the popularity of Apple Stores have all but made the need for an Apple presence at Macworld obsolete? And doesn’t this all seem like a bad April Fools Joke?

But what if it isn’t? What if Apple, by some magical force beyond our comprehension, is actually planning on attending CES next year? What could it possibly have to gain?

NetworkWorld has the full scoop over here.


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