More iPhone developers strike it rich

Thu, Jan 15, 2009

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First there was Trism, then there was iFart, and now there’s iSteam.  The latest story of an iPhone developer striking it rich comes by way of a couple of 22 year olds who have already earned $100,000 for their iPhone app called “iSteam”.

iSteam is a program that makes it appear that you have a layer of steam on your iPhone.  Users can then wipe their fingers across the screen to write messages, and/or reveal what’s on the screen, mimicking an actual steamed up bathroom mirror.  Notably, the developers of iSteam payed a lot of attention to the UI, including nice touches such as realistic sound effects when “writing” messages, and also, if you turn your iPhone upside down, droplets begin to slowly move downward.  Now that’s real, baby!

Check out a video of the app in action below.

Cool stuff.

TG Daily has more on the story over here.

You can check it out at the iTunes app store overe here.


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